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This or That with Robert Wellwood
Does the Group 1 winning trainer prefer cats or dogs, coffee or tea, sprinters or stayers? We find out!
LOVERACING.NZ | December 22, 2021

Cats or Dogs?
Coffee or Tea? (x5!)
See the future or Change the past?
Sprinters or Stayers?
Sunrise or Sunset?
Organized or Messy? (Bit of both, organised chaos!)
Passenger or Driver?
Pause time or Rewind time? (Then change some riding instructions!)
Beach or Lake?
Skydive or Bungee jump?
Call or Text?
Fake Christmas tree or Real Christmas tree? (No Christmas tree. Christmas is just the day before Boxing Day races!)
Ice cream or Ice block?
Fillies or Colts? (Either or... just fast ones preferably)
Attend a party or Host a party?
Melbourne Cup or Cox Plate?