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This or That with Stephen Marsh
Off the back of his quinella in the recent NZCIS Wellington Cup, we asked Cambridge-based trainer Stephen Marsh the big questions!
LOVERACING.NZ | February 05, 2022

Cats or Dogs?

Night owl or Early bird?

Coffee or Tea?

See the future or Change the past? Always look forward in this business!

Sprinters or Stayers? Anything as long as they are good! Dad won a Melbourne Cup and we won the Wellington Cup last week, so I have a soft spot for a good New Zealand stayer.

Introvert or extrovert? Both, depends on the occasion!

Night in or Night out? I get up at 3am most mornings, so I don’t have much choice!

Instagram or Facebook?

Skydive or Bungee jump? Neither, I’m not that stupid!

Sand or Snow?

Fillies or Colts? Like above, as long as they are good any gender.

Music or Podcasts?

Attend a party or Host a party?

BBQ or Roast Dinner? Cooked by mum!

Melbourne Cup or Cox Plate?